Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why I'm Waiting Until May 27th!

Friends keep asking me "So how's the no TV thing going?"
My answer - "I haven't started yet."
The response - "How come?"

It's simple. I'm waiting for the season finales of my favorite shows. Were you expecting something higher level?

It's quite straight-forward actually. I thought of this "no TV thing" almost 6 weeks ago. But by then, I was well into my favorite shows - namely, Survivor, The Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. If I'm going to go cold turkey, I want to go cold turkey at the right time. I will be compromising my chances for success if I ditch the TV right when I'll be jonesing most for results shows and mirror ball trophies. Knowing this about myself 6 weeks or so ago, I looked up the TV schedules for all my shows and determined when everything was ending. If you want to get scientific about it, I pinpointed my optimum chance for success based on TV watching trends and the corresponding end dates for each. By avoiding any new shows that I'd be tempted to get into (I've resisted America's Got Talent, even though I've always loved Howard Stern, & Duets with Kelly Clarkson, though that looks tempting, too) and concluding old stand-bys, I figure it will be easier to adjust to the transition.

Aside from all that, I also wanted to put some activities on the books in advance. My husband got me Rosetta Stone for French, I've arranged to volunteer at two different community organizations this summer, and I've been lining up projects to do, books to read, and crafts to craft. Quitting TV apparently takes a little advanced planning. Loading up on things to do is a big part of my grand scheme!

Last reason I picked May 27th - that's my 35th birthday. I'm looking at this 1-yr, TV-free adventure as a birthday gift to myself. One that will last a year, and perhaps a lifetime. It will also be an easy date to remember. It's been 3 days without TV. It's been 3 weeks without TV. Has it really been 3 months already?

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