Monday, May 28, 2012

It Has Begun! (Days One & Two)

Day One -

Yesterday was my birthday and the beginning of the TV-free experiment! Because I had so much planned for the day, I didn't even notice the lack of television. After all, who sits at home on their birthday and watches TV? Well....let's not go there. I'm pretty sure there have been at least a few birthdays when I might have watched a little bit of TV, especially in the evening when all the festivities have ended and all I want to do is zone out with my sugar crash.

This year's birthday was full of things to do and lots of food to eat. (I'm actually slightly worried that although I might be getting more exercise getting off the couch, I will counteract it by trying to elevate my mood with food instead of TV. I'll  have to keep an eye on that.) As is our tradition, hubs took me to a movie and lunch. The movie - Men in Black 3. Good, but not the best in the MIB franchise. Lunch - Chili's. Chicken Fajitas. Yum. Free dessert cause I had a birthday club coupon. Yum. Half the waitstaff singing as they brought me the dessert. Ugh. This should be outlawed for patrons over 18. I never know what my expression should be. Certainly not the real one, which would be an embarassed look of horror that a group of strangers is singing at me as I realize that everyone in the restaurant is annoyed that I'm interupting their meal (but trying to look polite about it).

After movie and lunch, we scooted home to tidy up the house for family to come over to celebrate birthday/Memorial day ( a day early). Brats, chips, beans, watermelon, potato salad, pasta salad - oh my. And let's not forget cheesecake for dessert. I won't forget this meal for a while! Nor will my thighs. Gift opening reveled gift certificates as requested for Lowes and Home Depot. If I'm giving up the life of a couch potato, I'd like to fill it with home projects. I can think of nothing worse than if after a year without TV, my house still looks exactly the same.

Day Two -

I usually eat breakfast while staring at the TV. This is dangerous because starting off the day watching TV means that I might be setting a precedent for the day. If I get lured into a marathon or weeding out the DVR, my day might be decided for me. Today, I made my coffee and grabbed breakfast and went outside on the deck. My husband was already out there. We clinged coffee mugs and celebrated that I was out of the house before Noon. I ate my banana to the sound of chirping birds and music from hubby's laptop, and that was just fine.

Though I'm not missing TV yet, today was slightly more challenging because it's 95 degrees outside. This makes getting out and enjoying life a little difficult - or at least staying out for an extended period difficult. My friend Julie is solar powered, and I thought of her today, probably LOVING the hot weather. Me, I just feel too hot and drained. All I want to do is soak up the air-conditioning. But I'm trying to get into the whole spirit of this new life thing, so I actually did emerge from the house today!

Step 1 - Went to Lowe's and bought stuff to start a vegetable garden. I'm trying to picture myself waking up in the morning and strolling through my garden, filling a basket with my homegrown veggies and then watering my crop with the hose on mist setting, watching the rainbows in the sun. In this fantasy, I'm wearing a garden hat, smock, and my cucumbers look obscene. I'll settle for wandering out to my garden in my slippers, plucking a few edible veggies, and throwing the sprinkler on. But one can dream big.

Evidence of my gardening intentions above - a mini herb garden (to start indoors), seed packets and tomato plants. I'm contemplating all the ways to keep the local deer and bunny population fat this year! 

Step Two - Went to Home Depot and bought new pots, potting soil and house plants. I have to do this periodically to replace the plant graveyard I cultivate lovingly. While I'm watching TV, my plants are usually withering away in the windowsill. They get watered when I remember, which is not often. When I got home, I considered going outside to start potting. My husband built me a lovely potting stand last year that I hadn't used yet, and I was eager to break it in with all my new purchases. But it was damn hot outside, so I took a nap first.

Step Three - Take a nap. I have to say how wonderful this nap thing is. I have never been able to take naps during the day unless I'm sick. Even then, I'm more likely to lie in bed watching TV than I am to sleep. Today, I slept almost 2 hours. It's amazing what you can accomplish without the TV on! ;)

Step Four - Get off my butt.
When I was nice and rested, I went outside and worked on potting my plants.

The oak potting stand hubs made for me last season. It is on rollers, and there's a drawer under the slotted parts to collect loose soil. It slides out and then you can use it. Waste not, want not! Isn't he handy?

The end result, a number of living plants that I hope will get more attention than those who have died before them. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time on my hands to water them, talk to them, feed them - whatever it is that you're supposed to do to keep them living. (I'd post pictures of the old plants, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal in some countries.)

You might notice that to the right, one of the plants is aloe. In my fantasies, I'm a green thumb and I nurse family and friends back to health with secret organic remedies.

After all my planting, I was pretty dirty and hot. So I enjoyed an extra long shower and grooming session. What's the hurry? I ask myself. The answer is, there isn't. My pace seems to be much more laid back than usual. Perhaps I'm not rushing to catch the latest show on TV - or perhaps I realize I need to fill up my day with things to do so I don't get bored and become tempted to quit the challenge, so I'm dragging the simplest tasks out. Maybe my brain is enjoying the fact that it's not completely over stimulated with flashing color images and noise. Whatever the reason, I'm relaxed and looking forward to curling up with a book tonight. Tomorrow, I have a book to edit during the day - but in the evening, I'm thinking I might start researching the best place to carve out a spot for my garden. Wednesday is supposed to be 70s and overcast, perfect for digging around in the dirt again!


  1. Congrats on successfully making it through days 1 and 2. Glad the potting cart finally made its debut and got out of the garage ;)

    1. Thanks for making it. I promise to help it fulfill it's potting destiny! ;)

  2. Look how handy Mr. Oddo is! That is beautiful :) OK, I am not even going to TOUCH the cucumber thing (but you know me and my head is about to explode because of it.LOL)I am anxious to see how successful your garden is so you can give me tips:)

    Way to go on your first 2 days! WOO-HOO!!!

    1. He is handy! And yes, the cucumber thing is meant to be pondered, not spoken of. ;)

      My tip right now is don't start a vegetable garden! lol Who knew there was so much to do to get one started? Not me!